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Important Message About Counterfeiting
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Mon, 8 Dec 2008 18:20:52 -0500 (EST)
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December 8, 2008

Protect yourself from the dangers of counterfeit material

Dear ANA member,

New counterfeit operations have sprung up across the world, particularly in China, where relaxed laws protect these operations from liability. The counterfeiters use clever production methods and cutting-edge die-making technology, creating forgeries that are difficult for most collectors to detect. A wide variety of counterfeit objects are being produced, including U.S. and world coins, paper money, errors, and even slabs. With the assistance of unprincipled dealers and investors, this new material is flooding the market at an astonishing rate, compromising the investments of collectors and the integrity of honest dealers.

Below are some links that look at counterfeiting in greater detail, including an eye-opening article in Coin World exploring how new counterfeit material is produced and finds its way into the United States market. In addition, the ANA will be developing a comprehensive online resource guide, offering counterfeit detection courses at Summer Seminar and conventions, and creating an exhibit exploring modern counterfeiting.   

An educated numismatic community is the best defense against this widespread problem; we encourage everyone who loves the hobby to increase their awareness.

Coin World Article

other links

ANA Consumer Awareness Page 

U.S. Mint Consumer Awareness Page

Department of the Treasury, Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence

Compilation of Articles on Counterfeiting (Robert Matthews)

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818 N. Cascade Ave. • Colorado Springs, CO 80903 • (719) 632-COIN (2646) •
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